Why, exactly, a travel essay blog?

This has sort of hounded me for a while. I’ve thought of many ways and means of expressing travel-related ideas, tips, thoughts and ruminations, but thus far it’s been a patchwork of pictures and words strewn all over computers and mobile devices. In short, no real way and central way to express my thoughts. I wanted to change that - in the narcissistic hope that someone might read. (whoever you are, thank you)

Stories of my past trips have been plopped onto floppy disks, written on various notepads, placed in digital forms of text or doc or whatever format. I’ve wanted to bring many or all of these musings together into one place while trying to continue my journey. My story.

That’s really what travel is. None of this is ever about the place I’m going, how incredible the people are, how moving the scenery (I’ve seen my share of it). This just me telling my story through that thing most of us love - travel.

The difference for me, is I guess, that I love it. I need it. Nay, I need to be thrust into new places, cultures and peoples. There is always change that happens what I do it. I get more humble, more in tune with the world, I guess. But, for fucks sake, I have no idea. But ever since I started this journey sometime around the year 2000 - doing this has been even more like a necessity for me. No matter my circumstance, situation or income level, I’d find ways to get out there and see places other than my hometown (that, naturally wasn’t always another country).

Hopefully, dear reader who’s found this, you’ll join me in recounting some of my journeys through essays and perhaps learn new things along the way.